HWY In Echo Park

If you read my post about the Paradise Road Show, you’ll know that my last visit to HWY in Echo Park wasn’t successful. Since they were at the Paradise Road Show that day, my boyfriend and I ended up heading out to the desert to check out the show and the HWY booth. Now that the show is over, I visited the Echo Park store again, this time to find that it was open.


HWY is the spot if you want some great vintage Harley Davidson and motorcycle stuff. There are tons of vintage tees, distressed leather jackets, and denim for days. While the store does cater to more of a masculine crowd, women can still find a lot of cool tees and jackets in the smaller sizes. The owner of the store, Chase, has spent a lot of time curating the perfect collection of vintage goods that are high-quality and bad ass. You won’t find any knock offs or cheap clothes here.

Chase is also a super humble and real guy. One of the things that turns me off to a lot of the “new” bikers in their 20s and 30s is how lame most of them are. A lot of them are just young kids with a lot of money from their parents to buy old bikes and gear to look cool. Chase is not that way at all. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to old bikes and he seems like he eats, breathes, and sleeps vintage motorcycles.


Besides the awesome retail space in the front of the building, the back is like a pseudo vintage bike garage. When I visited, there were two rusted bikes in the back that were obviously being worked on. Sometimes the bikes in the back would be Chase’s personal ones, or bikes he found to fix up and sell, or friends’ bikes who had no idea how to repair vintage motorcycles. 

HWY is just a bad ass spot to stop by, whether you’re a guy or a chick, if you love vintage motorcycles.


Photographer: Nathan Jelenich and myself

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